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Fast, Stable, Easy To Use Software With A Great Pack Of FREE Bonuses

Version 2.0 Is Just Released !


Do you Want To know The Shocking Truth Your Spouse,
Lover, Or friend Is Hiding From You?

Do You Want To Protect Your Children From Pornography, Pedophiles And Stalkers?

Do You Want To Know Exactly What Your Employees Are
Doing On The Clock?

Do You Want To Be Aware Of What Was Done On Your
Computer While You Were Gone?

Dear Friend,
Last year I ran into a problem, I hired a couple of new employees to do some customer service work but they were not performing as expected. They "claimed" they were doing everything possible...

I wanted to check their work somehow, so I decided to search the internet to see if I could use one of those "computer monitoring" software packages. Well, there were quite a few of them on the market, so I purchased one, tried it and...didn't like it at all. I downloaded a few more, and let me tell you ...

After spending endless hours trying to set up each program, figuring out the interface, and trying to get some kind of reasonable results... I Got Nothing But A Headache!

I tried Spy Agent, Ace Spy, PC Tattletale, Invisible Keylogger, I'm Big Brother and a whole bunch of other software and I still wasn't satisfied.

Here are just a few of the problems I faced while trying to work with the existing software:

  • The interfaces were so confusing that they were nearly impossible to learn quickly
  • Some programs were freezing up or slowing down my computer significantly
    (sometimes the CPU load was 100% all the time)

  • Most of programs couldn't be uninstalled automatically - making the program impossible to delete from my hard drive.

I Was Irritated. I Needed A Solution That Would Work 100%,
Being Effective, Easy To Install And To Use!

I have a team of very talented programmers working for me. We discussed this issue to the problem and decided to develop a computer monitoring software that was powerful, stable, easy on computer resources, simplistic to learn and use, flexible as well as totally invisible.

After six months of heavy coding, sweat, gallons of coffee and testing, MG-Shadow was born. (drum roll please..:)

MG-Shadow computer monitoring software

Let me introduce you the software that:

  • Saved me money by ensuring my employees were working, not surfing..

  • Protected my children from the porn merchants

  • Helped my relatives and friends, knowing that their children and family were protected as well..

  • Put me in total control of my business by boosting efficiency..

  • Gave me peace, and made my life much easier.

    Version 2.0 Just Released!


"This is my first and definitely the last software that I will use to monitor my computers. It's extremely user-friendly and very easy-to-use software.

I'm sleeping easier now that I know my kids will not surf or do anything that they shouldn't on the computer, especially when I activate the sign "I am watching what you do on this computer".

Just imagine what it can do for your family! I strongly recommend it to any computer owner who has several people sharing his computer."

Tanin Eh Boon,

"Love your product. Wanted you to know that I tried 6 different software packages for my home PC and yours is absolutely the best.

I have already recommended it to 3 other people who were looking for such a product. The interface is amazingly easy and intuitive, the data which is captured far exceeded my expectations and is extremely easy to retrieve."

Alicia Rossi,
Toronto, Canada

I suspected my girlfriend of cheating on me, but she consistently denied it, so I purchased and installed your mg-shadow program. I was able to obtain her email password and then checked her email and found out that she had been having a relationship with a guy for almost a month.

Although the product confirmed my worst fears, it allowed me to move on and leave a dishonest relationship."

River Forest, IL USA

Here's What MG-Shadow Can Do For You


  • What programs are used on your PC? MG-Shadow will show you the full list of applications, displayed by groups or chronologically. You will be able to see where each program is installed, when it was launched, when it was closed and by what user. Even all the processes ran in the background will be available for your analysis.

  • You will be able to easily see information about every window that the user viewed and interacted with. By this you can find out what movies/games were played, what files were modified, what pictures were displayed, etc. Also you will be able to see if any keys were typed in that window.

  • Keystrokes are perhaps one of the most important aspects of monitoring.You will see every keystroke typed in any application window, such as user name, password, e-mail, chat, instant message and more. MG-Shadow will even record "hidden" keys for you, such as the "Shift", "Ctrl", "Delete", etc. With advanced text filter you can adjust "backspaced" or "edited" characters to make reading key logs a breeze.

  • Are you suspicious that your spouse (child, employee or anyone else you want to monitor) is visiting websites they shouldn't be? Is your child researching some nasty web resources? MG-Shadow will record and categorize all web addresses (URLs), you will see when they were visited and how much time was spent on them. You can even click on every link to launch visited page in your browser immediately! Support all browsers, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera.

  • MG-Shadow will give you the power to block unwanted websites from being visited by simply creating a list of unwanted URLs and/or unwanted keywords. So, when some website is accessed and has a domain name or keyword you specified in your filter list, it simply won't load. It will be also reported to you.

  • You will be able to secretly see all the emails sent or received in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, ThunderBird Mail, IncrediMail, Eudora, The Bat and all other email programs. Detailed information about every email is easily viewed within MG-Shadow interface.

  • With the help of MG-Shadow You will be able to see both sides of chat conversations and instant messages. All dialogs are conveniently categorized by users and conversations. Finding out who they are chatting with and what they are saying in chats is now as easy as checking your email.

  • Want to see exactly what a user saw on the screen? MG-Shadow will make a snapshot of the whole screen or active window every second or every minute, whatever you define. With a powerful built-in image viewer you will be able to scale images, view them as a slide show (or like actual movie) in full screen, specify their quality, and much more.

    This feature is so advanced that it will not make screenshots if there is no action at the computer. Thus, it saves your hard drive space and delivers only the most valuable visual information to you.

  • The priceless information you receive as a result of monitoring can be delivered to any email address of your choice in easy to read html or txt format on a regular basis. You can include some or all report options, whatever you prefer. So even if you are far away from the monitored computer YOU CAN STILL GET DETAILED ACTIVITY REPORTS every day.

    You can even manually export some parts or the complete log anywhere on your hard drive, other network computer or CD-Rom for your future analysis.

  • Need to monitor only during specific time periods of the day? Now you can with a very easy-to-use built-in schedule.

  • Innovative technology, developed by a talented russian programmer will allow MG-Shadow to run completely hidden from System Tray, Windows Task Manager, Windows Registry and Add/Remove Programs menu. You can choose to hide it from Start/Programs menu and only bring it up by entering your secret password in any application.
    It's UNDETECTIBLE by any antivirus or antispyware programs, simply like it doesn't exist.

  • You will be able to specify your password to prevent others from stopping the monitoring process or accessing your log data. Moreover all log data is highly encrypted and impossible to view from any other application except MG-Shadow.

  • You can enable MG-Shadow to secretly load itself and start monitoring whenever Windows boots up. You can also specify to auto clean the log data after a specific period of time in order to avoid large piles of data on your HD.

  • You can easily check or uncheck users you would like to monitor. For example you would like to spy on user "Mary" and "John", but stop monitoring when user "Jack" logs in. Or you can monitor all users except the "Administrator" account.

  • MG-Shadow is very easy to set up and use. Along with your powerful software you will receive step-by-step installation and setup instructions, and built-in comprehensive help. Every feature, every button has a detailed and easy to understand description telling how to use it and what it is for. We provide comprehensive email support and helpdesk ticket support system. Also you will get access to our forum, where you will be able to communicate with other MG-Shadow users.

Order NowMG-Shadow will never ever slow down your computer like most other computer monitoring programs because of its unique coding engine.


I simply don't know how I can thank God for pointing me to your website and your software. You won't believe but it helped me to pull my daughter out of trouble.

Secretly checking her chat conversations I discovered that she was planning to leave without notifying me or Dad to meet "some guy" in Chicago. Thanks to you this never happened. Your software worth much much more. God Bless You!"

Angela Olson,
North Olmsted, Ohio USA

"Hi, Max

My thanks to the developers with the software. It's extremely fast and efficient. I love it. By the way, I found out my wife is sleeping with her Boss. Wondering if it's the way to get her promotion faster."

<name withheld>,
Stuartville, MN USA

"Your software works fantastically... very easy to use even for a computer dumb like me. I recommend it to all of my friends that have teenage kids."

Richard Stull,
Phoenix, AZ USA

"Thanks again for your knowledgeable and speedy help with my problem. I plan on being a life member due to your excellent product and customer service."

Harrodsburg KY USA

"I bought your product as a safety net for my children and found they were bypassing the parental controls by using a file sharing program (KaZaa) to access certain websites. Your product was worth every penny. A also found your bonuses very useful."

Benjamin Chapin,
Warwickshire, ENGLAND

You Think It's Great? Wait... There Is MORE

One of my business mentors was always telling me to OVERDELIVER. I'm very confident that MG-Shadow well worth the price but I will give you several FREE bonuses you won't be able to resist.

Bonus #1 & Bonus #2


 FREE Lifetime Support

 FREE Access to MG-Shadow Users Forum

Bonus #3 ($50 value)

I'll show you the little known way to download absolutely any files such as music, games, movies, software, ebooks, and much more absolutely free. You will get:
  • Link to easy-to-use FREE software to download and manage your files.
  • Whopping list of 78 searchable websites to search for millions and millions of those files.
  • All files can be downloaded at very high speed limited only by your ISP provider
  • The best part that everything is absolutely FREE FREE FREE (how sweet that sounds :)

Bonus #4

You will get information used by detectives and secret services that will help you to become a human lie detector. You will learn how to:
  • tell if someone is lying
  • read the body language of lying
  • recognize the verbal clues of lying
  • tell if your husband is cheating on you
  • tell if your wife is cheating on you
  • and more...

Bonus #5 ($99 value)

You will get access to my Handy Toolbox of Software and Ebooks, which you can download absolutely free such as:
  • Floppy Office - collection of small, self contained no-install applications which can set you up with a mini office suite which can easily fit on a floppy or be run from a USB drive.
  • Loan Calculator - free & user-friendly amortization software
  • Fast Job Applier - a program to help automate the job application process.
  • Budget Tracker - easy to use program that will help you track and understand your monthly expenses.
  • Vinade Reminder - remind yourself of bills, meetings, medication, appointments, birthdays, trips, etc.
  • Credit Cards - Learn what lowers and raises your credit score.
  • Parenting Tips for Hip Moms - ebook that covers everything from household tips to overlooked tax deductions.
  • SyncBack - Easily backup, synchronize, or restore your files
  • and even more...


Limited Time Offer!
Only Available For The Next 500 431 98 16 buyers

EXTRA Bonus #6 ($150 value)

Access to our powerful "Classified Investigation Center"

We maintain and use a comprehensive list of databases that can be used for your private investigations. These databases include:

  • People search by name, phone, address, email, etc.
  • Databases of civil and court records
  • Criminal / inmate Records databases
  • Sex offenders databases
  • Unclaimed Money Sources
  • School and College Resources
  • Adoption Databases
  • Military files and databases
This amazing bonus will allow you easily research virtually any person no matter who it is.

REMEMBER! This Offer Will Be Unavailable As Soon As All 500 431 98 16 seats are taken.
we don't want to overload our server with too many users

This program is outstanding! I installed MG-shadow on all of my employee's computers, and I am able to check up on them to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to.

Thanks a lot for the great program, and I look forward to future versions!

Brad Chang,
Staten island NY USA

"My feedback to you is to say thank you for making something like this, as a security conscious single mother of 2 young girls I now feel secure for I know every single thing they do when they are on the computer"

Crystal Zilbert,
Prince George, BC CANADA

The Bottom Line...

I understand, that I could easily charge $90, $100 and may be more for everything I'm offering and this deal still would be selling. However I will go even further in my intention of overdelivering and let you buy everything for $79, no, even lower, the crazy low price of $49 along with my Iron Clad Guarantee...
What the heck. :)

But I'm very seriously looking forward to increase current introductory price to $79.


My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Order your copy of MG-Shadow, fire it up and use it to your advantage. Exploit our free support. Snatch all the free bribes/bonuses.

I'm so confident that MG-Shadow is the most reliable computer monitoring software out there, that I am willing to put my reputation on the line and offer you a rock solid 100% money back guarantee. If MG-Shadow does not perform for you technically, and we cannot find a way to fix it for you then simply contact me anytime within 30 days and I'll refund all of your money! You can even keep the
free bonuses.

I'm THAT convinced you'll love MG-Shadow

Most other companies will charge you recurring extra fees such as monthly log access fee, paid updates, paid support, etc.

Buy MG-Shadow, and You Only Make a One-Time Payment.
You Also Get FREE Lifetime Upgrades, FREE Support, And FREE Powerful Bonuses
($300 value), Which Are Not Available With Any Other Computer Monitoring Software

Yes - I want instant access to MG-Shadow software and all the incredible free bonuses NOW!

I am ready to be in control and obtain peace of mind !

I understand that I will be able to get access to detailed reports of everything that is being done on one or several of my computers.

I understand that I will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all free bonuses, once my credit card is successfully processed.

I understand that I can pay the RISK-FREE, one-time investment of $79 only $49 (which is LIMITED TIME OFFER) with my Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card or PayPal .

visa  Mastercard  American Express  Discover PayPal  

I understand that my credit card and personal data is 100% SAFE AND SECURE as the order is processed using industry-leading 128 bit SSL ENCRYPTION technology.

I understand that only 500 431 98 16 spots are left to get access to the "Classified Investigation Center" which will be unavailable after it is sold out.

If I am not completely satisfied that the software performs for me technically the way it is supposed to within the first 90 days, I may request and get a full refund, ANYTIME, hands down.

More Powerful Version 2.0 Is Just Released!

click to order

You can pay by any credit card, paypal or by check, even if it's 2 a.m.

Yours For Your Peace Of Mind,


Max Galitsyn
Max Galitsyn


MG Shadow is just what I wish I had when my older daughter was in high school. She's in college now and doing great but there were times when she was in high school when I wondered if everything was as it seemed. If I had owned this program then, I wouldn't have had to wonder, I would have known.

The program itself is very simple to use and I was amazed at the level of detail it reported. I honestly could not be happier with the software.

My youngest is only six but they grow up so fast. And no matter how hard I try to protect her, I can't stand over her shoulder 24/7. I certainly will be installing MG Shadow on her computer. This software is going to put my mind at ease.

Nice job Max!

North Carolina, USA

"Hi, Max

This is by far the best monitoring tool I tried, the other ones promise to do everything but they always crash after installation, but yours is very easy to use.

My best feature is the screen viewer. It enables me to see everything my kids are doing on my computer at home as it is happening"

Clifford Morrell,
Phoenix, AZ USA


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